About Positive Creations

Positive Creations is a clothing and accessories brand created by artist Chris Dyer in 2004.  Through the many incarnations it has had over these years we have used different materials, offered different styles and even had a skate team at one point. In the end, it is the customer who chooses with its purchases so we have moved towards what you guys preferred to wear.

These days we have a wide variety of beautiful clothes ad accessories using Chris’ spiritual art.  Our intentions are to give you wearable positive art that helps you shine your unique happy heart in a world gone grey. We also hope our garments attract more positive people into your life!

Sustainable Practices

We care about the impact our products make on the Earth.  We strive to neutralize our environmental impact when creating and selling our products.  We have taken strong steps toward offering products that perform in harmony with your mind and body as well as the planet!

About Chris Dyer
Chris is an artist from Peru, who is based in Canada, but travels the world constantly to share his art and services.  Though he is better known in the Visionary Art scene, he has also worked for many years in the California skate industry, as well as done street art and murals in several countries worldwide.  He also teaches workshops to empower young artists to follow their creative path and keep sharing the visual medicine we all hope heals the planet.  You can check his art on his normal webpage www.positivecreations.ca.

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